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It's All About Choices
Urethane Resins
Whether you're a manufacturer of sippy cups or semi-trucks, cast urethane offers your product development team an array of choices. Fire retardant, flexible, rigid or water-clear resins, our experienced project managers are available to discuss your application requirements and offer unsurpassed customer service.

Shore A Elastomers
Low durometer resins (Shore 10-90A) provide flexible, high elongation parts when prototyping natural and thermoplastic rubbers. There are a number of different resin types both polyester and polyether for moisture or solvent resistance and aliphatic base resins for UV stability and color fastness. Many of these resins have excellent abrasion resistance and demonstrate superior performance characteristics in suitable production applications.

Shore D Elastomers
These impact resistant, semi rigid resins (Shore 40-70D) are well suited for production or prototype applications such as base pads, bumpers, rollers, suction cups or diaphragms and are successfully used to simulate living hinges with a moderate flex life. These materials have impact and wear resistant properties that in many cases cannot be matched in thermoplastic materials.

Rigid Shore D
High Durometer resins (Shore 70-85D) are typically used for rigid parts and in some cases closely match familiar thermoplastic resins such as ABS, styrene, polypropylene, acrylic, and nylon. Some of these materials are often suitable for production as well as prototyping. Meter mix dispense equipment used at Moeller allows for parts as small as one gram to over twelve pound parts. Talk to your project manager about the environment your parts will be subject to and they'll help you specify a material that's right for you.

Water Clear
For products and parts requiring tough, tintable and pigmentable materials. These aliphatic resins are the only class of urethane materials that allow non-fading integral color and UV stability. Available in both Shore A and Shore D durometers, they are suitable for everything from light pipes and lenses to tinted seals and production color matched parts.

Heat Resistant and Fire Retardant
Moeller Design has a number of high heat deflection materials that match typical thermoplastic properties for these values. Production applications also requiring UL 94 V0 flammability ratings can be accommodated through the use of certified Underwriters Laboratories registered materials. Secondary operation painting will be required with these materials in cosmetic applications.








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